Hailing from the lush, green rural haven of the “Carolinas”, the now known artist and 70’s chic inspired Kiki Kyte found herself catapulting her way to the bright lights of “Hollywood”. A “Free-Spirit”, with a sweet voice and homegrown roots was finally in her element! With the budding and dovetail talents of being a phenomenal singer, songwriter, and a killer female drummer, Kiki’s rambunctious aura of uniqueness radiates undeniably bright, no matter where she goes, people gravitate towards her intoxicating and electric pulse.

Being raised up amongst the American region of the south referred to as the “Bible Belt”, paired with her steady ambiance in a musical inclined family, music naturally had always been a big part of Kiki’s life. Kiki started singing, and in turn touring at the age of 5 with many choirs and groups. In her journey, Kiki would also find herself singing and playing with wide variety of bands and hankering a new-found respect and love for a range of musical genres. The sound of musical tones from country, rock, R&B, folk, gospel & jazz found their way through the ear and ultimately to the heart of Kiki and a strong appreciation for the love of music began to develop.
It was at the tender age 8, during a choir rehearsal, that Kiki’s music director who had been utterly moved by Kiki’s performance, paused to lay hands on her and said softly, “Bless You Child,” You Will Do Great Things”. It was at that moment Kiki knew there was something different and special about her and a home for her in pursuing what brought her the most joy….singing and embracing music.

As a free spirited musician, Kiki marches to the beat of her own drum. The sounds of hands clapping & feet stomping, and the organic rhythms she had naturally grown to love being from the south, have always touched and played a special part of Kiki’s life..

In the imaginary musical world, some have said that she is the old soul of Nina Simone, the “Funk & Flare” of “Chaka Khan”, the “Rock & Roller” of “Janis Joplin”, the “Kick Beat” sister of “Karen Carpenter”, “The Folk Hip of “Odetta” “The Disco Spark” of “Donna Summer” & the “Flower Child” of “Joni Mitchell”. In the Country world, If “Patsy Kline” had a “caramel love child” it would be the irresistible manifestation that is Kiki Kyte.

Touring credits for the talented Kiki would include the 80s groups “The Mary Jane Girls” Grammy award winning, Chaka Khan, in addition to her connection with the electrifying 80’s group Klymaxx Kiki is preforming and bringing a buzz all around the city of Los Angeles. She is currently in the studio recording and is set to release a “Disco Funk” EP 2014, produced by two of the most influential producers of the UK, the killer production duo,”Cool Million”

While the future remains to be unseen, this fox who coined the phrase “Life is short, If you got it flaunt it”, one thing we do know is the spirit of a “sweet aroma” will forever be upon this musical “shining star” and she is definitely one to keep your hopes up for.


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